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Every story has a beginning, our story began in 2004.


I was working for UPS delivering packages in downtown DC.  While working, I came out of a delivery and saw a stretched Chrysler 300c (10pax) sitting with a Chauffeur in the driver’s seat.  I walked over and simply said, “How do I drive one of these?”  He replied, “You work for UPS, so I know you have a license.  Take my number down and call me.”  The rest is history.

I joined that company and became one of their CDL qualified Chauffeurs.  I chauffeured their clients, trained some of their chauffeurs, operated every vehicle in their fleet, managed some of their largest reservations, and helped that company grow from 8 to 28 vehicles.

I realized that my passion for transportation was far beyond that company’s vision.

So I began to focus on taking my skills to other companies. While continuing my education, I had to put transportation on the part-time burner to support my family.  Throughout my career in the military, automotive electronics, package delivery, IT and other industries, one constant remained – transportation was the central theme.

Transportation was in my blood. 

My father is a career mechanic, my father-in-law is a career bus operator, and my brother is a career on-site maintenance & logistics engineer. After leaving an Intermodal transport company, I put both feet into the fire and launched T-N-T Transportation full-time and never looked back.

Sam Taylor


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